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Hybrid track for the Transrapid in Shanghai

On behalf of SMTDC in Shanghai, WSP constructed a hybrid track for the Transrapid magnetic levitation system in Shanghai. The focus was on the transfer of technology in the civil engineering area.

Hybrid track for the Transrapid in Shanghai

After assessing various concepts from competitors, the Chinese developer decided to award the construction of the track to WSP. Our company played a significant role in the development of the concept, which was initially to be implemented on a 30 km, two-track stretch between the new Pudong Airport and Long Yang Road Station in the outskirts of Shanghai.

The German and Chinese head of states took part in the maiden voyage on 31 December, 2002. One year later, normal customer transportation began.

In an early phase of the project, intensive training was held in Germany to introduce the Chinese engineers to the topic of track construction and assembly. Until the track was commissioned, WSP employees were permanently on site in China to oversee the project. The tasks also included monitoring the execution of the work and sensitizing the Chinese to the special requirements of the project.

As the developer decided to carry out construction planning and the construction works itself, WSP assumed higher-level project management. Alongside the training, WSP was also responsible for feasibility studies and project and quality management.

Project data:
Building owner: SMTDC Shanghai
Service: Civil Engineering, Construction Management
Construction period: 1/2001–12/2002