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Vitalwelt in Schliersee

On behalf of Vitalwelt Schliersee, WSP assumed responsibility for the general repair and renovation of the Schliersee health resort. The focus was on project and construction management services.

Vitalwelt in Schliersee

The new Vitalwelt Schliersee originated from the redevelopment and modernisation of the old health resort. The aim was to offer guests and local residents a wide range of services in the areas of swimming, sauna, spa, health, fitness, tourism, gastronomy and sport.

The high requirements were initially met with the expansion of the bathing area, for which a complete floor was positioned on the existing building as a steel frame construction. To achieve this, the pile foundation under the building had to be strengthened.

Today, the generous sauna landscape with indoor and outdoor area directly on the bank of lake Schliersee in particular makes Vitalwelt an attractive tourist centre at the foot of the Alps.

As part of the project management, WSP first clarified basic questions regarding the project handling and the strategy for awarding the contract. As the measures were implemented conventionally with individual planners and individual contracts awarded in accordance with VOB/A (German Construction Contract Procedures), extensive communication between all the parties involved had to be managed. In addition, WSP provided the building owner with support for the awarding procedure and assumed responsibility for construction management for assuring quality and ensuring that commissioning deadlines were adhered to. WSP mechanical and building engineering specialists were also involved in the inspection of a BHKW contracting model.

Project data:
Building owner: Markt Schliersee, represented by Vitalwelt Schliersee GmbH
Architect: Monte Mare GmbH Architekten und Ingenieure
Service: Project Management, Construction Management
Construction period: 10/2006–12/2008
Gross area: 9,600 m2