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Biomedical research centre in Marburg

The new building was created to allow the research units in the surrounding area of the existing clinic to be merged. WSP was commissioned, among other aspects, with construction management.

Biomedical research centre in Marburg

The orthogonal structure of the southern development was initially completed with an angular research building with the foyer at the centre. This was followed by the construction of a diagonal building containing the library and cafeteria, which closes the open angle to the inner courtyard.

The usage concept provides for project-related allocation to research groups. Modular interior work allows units to be combined flexibly. Multi-user rooms can be found on each floor. Administration and conference rooms are located in the central foyer.

Alongside general offices and laboratories, special areas for animal testing with barrier animal housing facilities, a genetic engineering S3 safety area as well as a central radionuclide area were created. All areas have access control.

A reinforced concrete skeleton formed the shell of the building. The building is braced by solid cores and stiffening walls. Jointless construction with slightly more reinforcement in the ceilings was chosen. Since real ground water is only to be expected at greater depths, the construction was built on individual and strip foundations. 

The façade is composed of large-scale windows and a non-bearing façade of horizontally arranged brick sheeting. The recessed façade of the central foyer is completely glazed.

To compensate for the newly sealed areas, all the building roofs were fitted with extensive green covering.

As a service provider, WSP handled the preparation for and awarding of the contract as well as property management.

Project data:
Building owner: Staatsbauamt Marburg
Architect: Schuster Pechtold Schmidt Architekten
Services: Construction Management, Project Management, Structural Engineering