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Remediation of 22 West Condominium, Washington, D.C.

WSP Environment & Energy was retained by a developer to design and manage a complex investigation and remediation project.

Remediation of 22 West Condominium, Washington, D.C.

The project involved construction of a 95-unit condominium at the location of an Exxon Service Station that had soil and groundwater contamination. WSP conducted environmental due diligence and a detailed investigation to assess the extent of contamination at the site.

WSP then worked closely with the D.C. government, developer, and construction company to develop a revised, very aggressive, remediation plan that could be implemented as part of the building construction. This involved the preparing a detailed design that tied the building construction together with the remediation.

WSP oversaw the excavation of approximately 35,000 cubic yards of soil and supervised the environmental health and safety aspects of the project during construction.

The project was completed on schedule and under budget, and the building is currently occupied.