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How we use cookies on the external websites

Cookies are used on WSP's websites to track the traffic so we can adjust and enhance the content and the structure, as well as simplify the job application process. If you block or unable cookies some of the functionality might get lost. 
Statistics (Adobe SiteCatalyst)

We use cookies to collect information how our visitors navigate through our websites, we track their behavior patterns so we can improve the structure and the content. We collect information without identifying any individuals.  
Search engine optimization

We use Google Analytics to assist us when we optimize the content for search engines.
Job applicants

We use cookies when a person applies for a vacancy or create a speculative application. 
Share function

On some pages we provide our visitors the opportunity to recommend content on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so forth). 
Other situations when we use cookies are: 

  • YouTube - we have some embedded YouTube material on our websites.
  • Content management system (EPiServer) 
  • Contact us-form
  • Newsroom

If you want to opt out, you can switch off the cookies in your browser. See the help files in each browser for more information. Please be aware that some of our web functions might not work if you don’t allow cookies. 

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